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    I am using the Nitro carousel to slide a series a single images. Currently, the images are zoomed into the square. I want them to completely fit inside the square, so that I can see the entire logo.  I’ve thoroughly searched the css to see if I can change this, but I’m stuck. I think that it should be a simple ‘object-fit’ property, but not sure. See the attached photo.


    Also, the support forum search bar does not work properly. I can’t search for any keywords, only a complete title of a post. This makes it very difficult to see if someone has asked these questions before or not.


    Thank you




    Could you please provide some screenshots and url about this issue?

    Thank you 🙂


    See the attached images. I would like them to be contained in the div, not covered.


    Can you see the image now?

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    The website is being developed offline.



    Do you able to make it online? I need to inspect the element on the site to see what happened.

    Thank you.


    I cannot put the site online. I’m developing it offline and don’t even have a domain for it.

    It is a Nitro Carousel with Single Images of different sizes. I do not have any additional css modifying it.

    I attempted to make a Media Grid with the same images, and I was able to achieve the desired results. I add css to make the background-size: contain;, but that doesn’t work with the Nitro Carousel.




    Without the site to check, I afraid I can’t understand what happened on your site to suggest further.

    Do you able to hold on this problem until you can make your site online and provide the login to help me check?

    Thank you.


    I don’t currently have the resources to put this online.

    You could easily simulate this by

    (1) make a Nitro Carousel

    (2) add single images of various sizes

    You will see that the images cover the box. I would like them to be contained in the box.

    I’m looking forward to your suggestions. Thanks



    Yes, here is what I see: http://take.ms/gbb1g

    Back-end page configuration: http://take.ms/dhS5h



    The problem doesn’t happen.

    Thank you.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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