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    I had submitted a report several times on this issue but not getting resolved.

    Most of the times header style that is build for desktop is appear on mobile devices and also mob header style appear in desktop layout.

    This issue sucks me every time not only me but my clients too.

    Layout becomes worst because of this.

    This is not only on single website, this issue happened on every website that I have used Nitro theme.

    Last time you said that this is because of cache plugin. But why it happens due to that plugin? cache plugin is developers 1st priority to speed up their websites so we can’t ignore that, also I have other themes like avada and many others and I didn’t get any issue with overall layout ever specially not because cache plugin, they all have a smooth layout nothing effect like this on header or any other section.

    Kindly resolve this issue i’m requesting you for this.

    I am attaching a screenshots.

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    Surely the Nitro theme works with the Cache plugin but with the W3 Total cache plugin only, please kindly try that.

    I understand your point completely and our Developer is trying to find a way on it, hope you understand this matter.


    once I used w3 total cache plugin but it effected website’s overall layout so badly, also it is not helpful for increasing website’s speed.

    give me complete guide for using w3 total cache.

    Kindly resolve this is for other cache plugins too and give me proper solution it’s my request.

    and how long it will take for resolving this issue from your developer?

    I can guess that this is not only my issue, probably this issue for everyone that are using nitro theme, kindly resolve this issue as soon as possible.




    You can see our guide to config this plugin with Nitro here:


    You will need to config difference options in the W3 Total Cache plugin base on your site contents, plugins, widgets, server configuration..

    It’s not simply that install the plugin and activate it can increase your site speed, there isn’t have any Theme or Plugin can’t do that, it will need to optimize.

    Regarding your request, we can’t tell the schedule, please kindly following our update release and changelog to know more.

    And as you can see, other customers have their own solution as well as the cache, compress plugins configuration and it works fine on their end, you can take a look around other Tickets to see they didn’t have many requests on this matter.

    Thank you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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