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    As I wrote earlier, the problem with the menu occurs regardless of whether the cache is enabled or disabled.
    What should I do specifically before enabling the cache?
    Is it possible, for example, to add a css style to a child theme to write values, scales, and responsiveness even if the cache memory is enabled?
    I excluded the child theme from the cache. Maybe some other file I need to exclude from the cache? How much?
    I understand that you want to help me, etc. but I am probably too little experienced to deal with it. Your look looks good on your erkanic shots. Nevertheless, I will see how it works after loading the cache from the WP Rocket plugin. Cache is the most important this site without a cache configuration is ineffective but the menu must also work.
    After loading / running the inverse memory (wp rocket) the situation looks like this:
    I turned on the homepage on the phone and I got a mobile view of the mobile menu – great – now I go to the home page via a desktop computer and it’s a mobile menu and it should be “normal”. The problem is still there.
    Wp rocket I use on several other sites and it is ok.
    I have excluded the following files from the cache:
    /wp-content/themes/wr-nitro/assets/woorockets/css/(.*).css (I added this one just now, maybe it will change something)

    Maybe there is some other file or something else I need to exclude?

    Understand that I am very grateful for your help, but you do not give me specific tips on what to do because I am currently standing still. Please help 🙂



    I can say the way you exclude the JS is correct, the Header is displaying totally correctly on Desktop and Mobile devices:


    I checked with many different devices but the result is the same.

    You should keep the current configuration.

    Thank you

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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