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    Hi Guys,

    Sorry about all these posts. I’m nearly there now though.

    We have some issues when viewing the website on a mobile (iPhone X, iOS 12, Safari).

    • Mobile menu as defined in the header builder does not show. Seems to use the desktop version. Weirdly, if I use Chromes developer tools to simulate iPhone X the mobile menu works but NOT on a real iPhone.
    • Website is displayed off to the left, see screenshots. When loaded the site if far off to the left.
    • Website moves around when holding finger down, you can accidentally move yourself off the site – I’m not sure if this is normal behaviour? Is there any way to fix the viewpoint to the screen size?

    Please see screenshots.

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    Attached screenshot of incorrect mobile menu on iPhone X.

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    Thanks for working on the issues – I can see the correct mobile menu now on tables/mobiles.

    I just wanted to let you know though that, strangely when visiting the shop index page on a desktop now we get the MOBILE menu not the desktop version? See screenshot.

    Note: this only happens when not logged in as an administrator. I checked this in incognito mode on chrome.


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    Can you please respond to me? I’m getting very weird menu issues, are you working on the site?

    When using a mobile some individual pages use the ‘desktop’ version of the menu now but others don’t? For example as I type, this product shows the desktop menu on my mobile: https://www.fishinggearshop.co.uk/product/mackerel-stripper/ but this one shows the correct mobile version: https://www.fishinggearshop.co.uk/product/gurdy-wheel/ ?

    Weirdly the homepage uses the desktop version of the menu when viewed by a mobile but contact us page uses the correct mobile menu. Cna you please let me know what you’re doing?

    …I simply want the correct mobile menu to work on mobiles and the when the site is viewed with a desktop, the desktop menu shows!


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    We didn’t touch anything on your site, please kindly recheck and make sure no one has your access beside us.

    This is a problem with the cache and optimize css/js plugin > Please kindly try to disable it then recheck.

    Thank you


    Thanks Guys,

    Disabling Swift Lite Caching plugin fixed this.




    Thanks for your update, if you need any assistance, please let me know

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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