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    After update Button Buy Now in russian has come again and i have try change name use Loco translate but there give error.

    Can you change that file there need be Купить not Купить сейчас have no site using this



    Please kindly consider the theme update doesn’t include any translated and surely it can’t contain any Russian string.

    Where can I see this problem?

    Thank you


    Enter any product and there have buy now


    or how i can edit PO. file

    Because i have update your theme so all file what i have changed has gone



    You can use the POEDIT software to translate it: https://nitro.woorockets.com/docs/document/translation/

    Then copy all your translated folder to the Child theme, it will keep these files remain in the future theme update.

    Thank you


    I already have did that.

    And now i have download PO. and Mo. file’s but i can not efit they with Notepad++




    Please take a look at the document above, you can’t edit it with Notepadd or any text editor.

    It will need to edit with the POEDIT software:

    This way you’ll work directly with the core theme file, so be careful and backup your data. POedit running on Mac OS, Windows, and Unix is the perfect software for this method, which can be found here.


    Thank you


    i have change and download to site but have no change, maybe because i have no change mo. file i dont need buy that just for this word.

    I remamber bebore i have did with another way. How i can create mo. formats of po. file?



    In the theme package, inside this folder: wr-nitro\languages

    It will have the wr-nitro.pot file

    You can open this file with the POEDIT then translate it to the language you want.

    Please check our document here, at step 4: https://nitro.woorockets.com/docs/document/translation/


    i have translate with loco but have no change can you see what is a problem ?



    Please try to change with POEDIT, sometimes the Loco translate is a glitch.

    Thank you

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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