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    Hi there,

    For the Product Categories element (as can be seen in your Wholesale demo homepage) is there any way to display in the main column (not only on hover of a main category) some subcategories, along with the main categories?

    In the attached image, I have the main categories listed – the blue one would have to be a sub-category, for example.

    Sort of like:

    • category 1
    • category 2
    • category n
    • sub-category A
    • sub-category B
    • subcategory C



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    Although the Product Category list item will display the Sub-Category items too, but it won’t possible to display the Sub-Category item like the order you want.

    If you want to achieve it now, you can contact these guys for the customize service: https://codeable.io/

    Hope you understand this matter, thank you.


    I understand, I’ll have to check it myself first.

    Can you indicate where is the code for this particular element located?




    I will discuss with Developer first then let you know, thank you.


    Hey Louis,

    any news on this one, please?




    Sorry, I’m waiting for the response from Dev Team, will let you know asap



    Sorry for the late response, please use the custom CSS below




    Hi Richard,

    thanks for the CSS, appreciate your help on this one.

    however this changes the way subcategories are displayed as a whole.

    what I want to achieve is having some of the subcategories – not all of them – displayed underneath the categories list (no change here).

    so, basically, I will have to apply a change in the code of the element at the point where the logic for picking the li items is. Now it only picks the categories for the visible vertical menu.

    what I would need to know where is this code located and, eventually, the way I should alter it so I can specify some subcategories that I want to be listed there, in the visible are of the vertical menu. To simplify it, let’s say it could be any array of custom links, if that’s making more sense.

    thanks for the help.


    to put it in fewer words: it’s not how it’s displayed, it’s about what is displayed on the visible area of the vertical menu of the element.



    I’m sorry to say that. I tried some solutions but it seems impossible. If you want to take a look the code base,  please find following this part plugins / nitro-toolkit / includes / shortcode / product-categories.php

    The HTML to render inside get_cat_list() function

    Hope you understand this matter

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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