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    As it is my desired thing that I want two products to display in one row on mob.

    I have got that thing. When I open my website on mobile and go on single product page and scroll down and there I get related products that displayed two products in one row and that also have slider for scroll more to see and that scrolling is too much smooth didn’t even stuck a bit.

    That’s exactly what I want on my home page for every row. As they appear there, if that products displayed on that position then it can be displayed on home page with same layout.

    Kindly check screenshot, also please check single product page on your mobile device and go to related products and check how smooth scroll on that section. And then guide me how can I do that on home page please.

    This thing will also help me to increase my website speed too.

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    Unfortunately, it’s not possible to achieve because the Related Products are totally differenced with the Products element.

    Hope you understand this matter, thank you.


    Why and how is it not possible ?

    If that product can display on single product page then why not on home page?

    single product page is also a part of your theme then how it can be impossible to show same thing on home page?

    There will be a way for this please try to discuss with your developer.

    Before you said me that on mobile screen there is not enough space to show 2 products that’s why we recommend to show one product, Now I have showed you two products display on mobile from your own theme, so please find any way for this I really need this. Not only 2 product display but also very much smooth slider on related products that’s what I want



    It’s the Related Products, no a WPBakery Pagebuilder elements, so it won’t possible to add it to the Home page or any Custom page, that Related Products will show in the Single Product page only.

    And it’s a part of the Woocommerce product layout.

    If you really want to convert it to a Shortcode or a Pagebuilder element to be able to insert it to the normal page, you can contact these guys for the customize service: https://codeable.io/

    Hope you understand this matter, thank you.


    Okay leave that scrolling option. I will disable that slider on products.

    I was reading tickets and I have got one exactly what I want.

    Link of ticket: http://nitro.woorockets.com/support/topic/enable-two-product-to-show-in-one-column-in-mobile-view/

    This is the ticket in which you have provided him a solution, I want same thing on my home page to, I have used that CSS that you provide him but that’s not working on my website.

    I want the same thing as he mentioned in his ticket and you provide him solution as CSS, so please provide a same solution for my website too that will work on my website, I will disable all product sliders.

    Let me explain more, I have 6 products in one row with 6 product columns on desktop, now what I want that when it will open on mobile the section will dived into three row each row with 2 products.

    May be it’s still not clear so please check that ticket link that I mentioned.



    I see it already works with 2 columns layout on your home page: http://prntscr.com/lrxmcz

    On that customer’s site, he has 1 column layout of the products only, then I could suggest that css.

    Thank you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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