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    Product Thumbnail changes size automatically.

    I have set the Customizer >> woocommerce >> Product images >> Thumbnail cropping >> size to 10:16.

    And it shows excatly what it should be.

    but then i come out of customizer, the images are turned square, which i dont want.

    I want the product images size to be 10:16 in rectangle. Kindly help.

    Screenshot of Customizer view: 


    Screenshot of Actual website with Wrong image size(square images).



    Could you please kindly try activate another theme like Twenty to see if it works in the same way?

    Thank you


    I tried with Twenty theme, still i am getting square images, please help.

    what could be the issue.



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    So it’s a problem with the Woocommerce plugin itself.

    You can try to regenerate the thumbnails again by using this plugin:


    If it still doesn’t work, you can raise it as a bug to the Woocommerce plugin provider here:


    Thank you

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